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It’s Historic! President Trump’s Record Economy: Jobs, GDP and Stock Market Have Never Been Higher

President Trump has now been in office for eight complete months and the economic results of his actions as President could not be better.  As a matter of fact, President Trump’s economic results are at historic all time highs. S&P 500 finishes the day on a record close, 37th record under @POTUS. U.S. major averages are in the green for the week, month, and quarter. — FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) September 28, 2017 Jobs According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  President Trump added 1,405,000 jobs in his first eight months (January through August 2017.) At the end of his 2nd term President Obama said that jobs...

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Hurricane Maria Has Transformed Puerto Rico Into A “Cash Only” Economy

Electricity, internet access and cell phone service have been offline in parts of Puerto Rico for a whole week. And with the island still struggling to rescue people stranded in remote villages, those managing the emergency recovery effort have yet to focus their attentions on the monumental task that looms ahead: Rebuilding the island’s devastated infrastructure, from communications to sewers and water treatment plants that have been damaged by flash flooding and 155 mph winds that Hurricane Maria visited upon the island. The damage, as Bloomberg reports, has essentially knocked Puerto Rico’s economy back into the 1950s. For locals who’re struggling to...

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Trump coaxes Congress to ‘move fast’ on tax reform

Capitol Hill’s work on an overhaul of the U.S. tax code “will soon begin,” President Donald Trump declared online Wednesday morning, urging lawmakers to “move fast” on one of his top legislative priorities. “The approval process for the biggest Tax Cut & Tax Reform package in the history of our country will soon begin. Move fast Congress!” Trump wrote on Twitter. He followed that later Wednesday morning with a second tweet: “With Irma and Harvey devastation, Tax Cuts and Tax Reform is needed more than ever before. Go Congress, go!” The president met for dinner Tuesday evening with a...

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Trump directs $200 million to tech education for women and minorities

President Donald Trump signed a memo Monday dedicating $200 million per year to STEM education. The grant funds, administered by the Department of Education, will primarily bolster coding and computer science courses, reported Fox Business. Special adviser to the president Ivanka Trump will meet with technology executives from Facebook, Google, and Amazon Tuesday in Detroit, where the parties will reveal private sector initiatives to boost these educational programs. The Trump administration termed technology and science “more important than ever” for modern vocations. “Given the growing role of technology in American industry, it is vital our students become fluent in coding...

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DOWS SETS NEW RECORD as President Trump Announces US Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord on Wednesday. The White House audience today broke out in applause when President Trump announced the United States was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. The Dow closed at 21,114.18 today. The index was up 135 points on Thursday. U.S. equities closed higher on Thursday, the first trading day in June, as Wall Street got ready for the release of the monthly jobs report. The Nasdaq composite gained about 0.8 percent, hitting intraday and record highs. The S&P 500 also rose nearly 0.8 percent to notch all-time highs, with materials, financials...

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