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50,000 Christians Displaced By ISIS Are Praying For Peace Together

In an effort to combat ISIS, 50,000 Christians joined together to pray for their Church home and their homeland, during a six-hour time period this past Friday outside of Mosul. The Erbil, Kurdistan based gathering is estimated to have between 25,000-50,000 gathered for prayers. This statistic includes all denominations of the Christian faith that have been under attack and thwarted from their homeland by the ISIS militants. This call for prayer was put together by Life Agape and the Chaldean Catholic Church as well as others, in an effort to honor the past 50 days of prayer and fasting....

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Donald Trump: I Will Be the Greatest Representative for Christians They’ve Had in a Long Time

Before he was president-elect, Donald Trump sat down with CBN’s David Brody to talk about issues Christians face both in the United States and abroad. As Trump prepares to take office, we’re looking back at his religious liberty statements that eventually got him elected. In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Donald Trump says that if he runs for president of the United States, he will be the “greatest representative of the Christians they’ve had in a long time.” He says he’s outraged over the fact that many Christians are stuck in Syria and Iraq even though they...

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Iraqi Christians Returning Home To Worship In Churches Desecrated By ISIS

Christians are gradually returning to their homes in the Christian town of Keramlis on the Nineveh Plains in northern Iraq more than two years after it fell to the Islamic State terror group, but their excitement soon disappears as they see their churches desecrated and their homes damaged. The church bell at the St. Addai church in Keramlis tolled this week for the first time since August 2014, but a confessional had been turned into a closet, a tomb had been desecrated and red prayer benches were burned, The Associated Press reported. “It was amazing, I got goose bumps....

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Thousands Of Christians Oppose Plan To Open School Satan Club

“No to Satan!” That rallying cry is expected to fill the air in Portland, Oregon when thousands of Christians are expected to gather outside a school on Wednesday, Nov. 16, to show their opposition to a plan by the Satanic Temple to open an “After School Satan Club.” Members of a Satanic Temple earlier announced plans to hold a satanic club open house on that day, CBN News reported. If the satanists’ plan pushes through, the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, will become the first school in America to openly welcome Satan inside its doors, according to Charisma...

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Teen Is ‘Legally Dead’ For 20 Minutes, Then Suddenly Wakes Up And Tells Mom He Met Jesus

When Zack Clements of Brownwood, Texas was 17, he collapsed while running during gym class and went into cardiac arrest. In the blink of an eye, the teenager went from being an active, healthy and normal athlete at Victory Life Academy to laying lifeless on the ground. For 20 minutes, Zack had no pulse and was “legally” dead. But then something happened that many people still cannot medically or scientifically explain. Zack’s pulse suddenly returned to normal and he was revived. Three days later, he awoke at Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas with no lasting effects from...

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