Author: Jane Philips

Russian spy ship returns off U.S. coast, near sub base

A Russian spy ship has reappeared off the U.S. eastern seaboard, sailing just 20 miles south of the U.S. Navy submarine base at King’s Bay, Georgia, and heading north. CBS News correspondent David Martin reports the Viktor Leonov, known as an AGI (Auxiliary, General Intelligence) trawler, has a port call scheduled in Jamaica for mid-April, and the assumption among U.S. officials is that it will make one more run up and down the east coast before heading to Jamaica. They Leonov made a similar journey along the East Coast in February, sailing close to a U.S. naval base in...

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MAJOR FAIL: Watch Rachel Maddow Flail Explaining Trump Paid Millions in Taxes (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow boasted to her millions of Twitter followers that she was releasing Trump’s 1040 tax form from 2005. Instead of dropping a bombshell that Trump somehow magically doesn’t pay taxes like every liberal believes, she ended up proving he pays millions, $38 million in 2005 to be exact. Trump Derangement Syndrome makes people do funny things. Thank you Rachel Maddow for trolling liberals better than I ever could have. Thank you for showing the world that Trump does indeed pay his taxes. On her show, she said, “aside from the numbers being large, these pages are straightforward....

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Google’s message app Allo overshares data with friends

Privacy advocates are raising alarm about Google’s messenger app Allo, pointing out that its Google Assistant overshares search data when not prompted, and the app itself lacks encryption and is potentially open to government spying. “In the middle of our conversation, my friend directed Assistant to identify itself,”wrote Tess Townsend in her review of Allo in Re/code on Tuesday. “Instead of offering a name or a pithy retort, it responded with a link from Harry Potter fan website Pottermore.”   Google’s Allo app can reveal what you’ve searched to your friends — BIconnections (@biconnections) March 14, 2017 Neither...

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No Americans Need Apply: U.S. Government Twice as Open to Foreign Business as Five Top Trading Partners Put Together

America’s trading partners have walls keeping out U.S. businesses, while the U.S. government has an open door for foreign businesses. American businesses can run up against these walls when trying to sell goods and services to foreign governments, which often prevent businesses from outside their own countries from taking part in government contracts, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. By contrast, the U.S. government is far more open to allowing foreign businesses to receive government contracts, the GAO report said. The U.S. government has opened about $837 billion in procurement contracts to foreign competition, more...

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Migrant Crime and Violence Soars in German States

Authorities in two German states have expressed concern over official figures showing a huge rise in migrant crime, with the number of violent attacks having almost doubled in 2016. “Refugees really entered onto the crime scene last year,” said Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office (LKA) president Ralf Michelfelder. “We are very worried about the rise in violence by asylum seekers,” the police official added. The comments come following the release of figures which reveal a 95.5 per cent spike in the number of physical attacks carried out by asylum seekers and migrants. Around 60 per cent of the assaults take...

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