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Michael Moore Suggests Trump Will Be Impeached: He ‘Will Break Laws’ [VIDEO]

.@MMFlint: This is going to be a massive resistance — Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) November 11, 2016 On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” activist filmmaker Michael Moore suggested President-elect Donald Trump would be impeached. Promising to “organize” against Trump, Moore said, “Here’s what’s gonna happen, this is why we’re not gonna have to suffer through four years of Donald J. Trump, because he has no ideology except the ideology of Donald J. Trump. And when you have a narcissist like that, who’s so narcissistic where it’s all about him, he will, maybe unintentionally, break laws. He will break laws because he’s only thinking...

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Melania Trump to Sara Netanyahu: I look forward to your visit

First Lady of the US, opened relations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara with a phone call described as “heartfelt and warm” on Netanyahu’s Facebook page. “Mrs Trump said that she looks forward to our visit at the first opportunity, and that there will be wonderful relations between our countries and our families,” Netanyahu wrote. The two women also talked about what it was like to raise children “under the spotlight” because their fathers were world leaders. “They discussed the great importance of emphasizing family time as part of thier role as mothers in order to enable their...

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Growing Number Americans Want Michelle Obama To Run In 2020

Following Donald Trump’s election as the 45th president of the United States, many people turned to social media to express their feelings, and some were already looking ahead to 2020. Many people on Twitter are calling on current First Lady Michelle Obama to run for president in four years. The hashtag #Michelle2020 was trending as people shared their wishes for the First Lady to return to the White House, despite the fact that President Obama has said she will not run for office. Some of the tweets asking for Michelle Obama to run in 2020 are below....

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NATO, US, And UK Assemble Largest Troop Buildup On Russian Border Since Cold War

In the midst of deepening tension between US allies NATO and Russia, NATO is planning the largest military buildup along the Russian border since the cold war. NATO called on allied governments this week to contribute whatever troops and equipment they can to the effort. According to Reuters, thousands of troops are expected to arrive in the coming days and weeks. It was reported that Italy, France, Denmark and other European states are expected to join the NATO military divisions that will be led by the United States along Russia’s border. On Wednesday, Britain announced it is sending hundreds of...

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Democrats Should Stop Whining About the Electoral College

After a decisive victory for Donald Trump in the electoral college, at the moment he is trailing Hillary Clinton in the nationwide popular vote by 0.2%, or 200,000 votes of the 120 million cast. Democrats and other Never Trump-ers have seized on this information to suggest that, in a fair world, Sec. Clinton would be our next president-elect, as the final tally indicates more support for Clinton from the American electorate as a whole. Some have gone so far as to suggest – as others in the same position have suggested before – that the electoral college itself was responsible for Sec....

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