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The New Year’s Day supermoon will be the biggest full moon of 2018 and the first of two in January

The biggest supermoon of 2018 is expected to light up the sky on New Year’s Day and bring extra high tides to Cornwall over the next few days. The ‘Wolf Moon’ is the second in a ‘supermoon trilogy’ which started with the ‘Cold Moon’, spotted above Cornwall on December 3. It will be swiftly followed by the ‘Blue Moon’ on January 31 – so-called because it’s a rare time when two full moons appear in the same calendar month. The first supermoon of the year – also know as the ‘Old Moon’ – will peak overnight on January 1, in...

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Oregon court rules Christian bakery must pay $135K to lesbian couple

The Oregon Court of Appeals upheld a decision that forced two Christian bakers to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple who said they felt “mentally raped” when the bakers declined to make a wedding cake. “Freedom of expression for ourselves should require freedom of expression for others,” First Liberty Institute president Kelly Shackelford said. First Liberty, one of the nation’s most prominent religious liberty law firms, represented the Kleins. “The Oregon Court of Appeals decided that Aaron and Melissa Klein are not entitled to the Constitution’s promise of religious liberty and free speech,” Shackelford said. The Kleins, who owned Sweet...

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While there may not be a Third Temple at which Israeli Jews can worship atop the Jerusalem Temple Mount, there is a brand-new synagogue under the foundation of the holy site – and it’s open for prayer. The new center of worship is the result of 12 years of construction at a cost of $50 million, and it is located directly under the Western Wall, where Jews have gathered for centuries to pray at the retaining wall for the Temple Mount. “The unique design of the prayer hall combines rare art and unique lighting, creating a wonderful contrast between ancient and modern,” said...

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Billy Graham’s granddaughter rips evangelical support for Trump

Rev. Billy Graham’s granddaughter on Tuesday slammed evangelicals for their hypocrisy when it comes to the “personal morals” of candidates like Alabama’s Roy Moore — and President Donald Trump. The term evangelical “started to really represent, actually, a branch of Christians that seemed to be a little more conservative and a little bit more hypocritical, a little bit more willing to compromise on the personal morals of a candidate in lieu of what politically they could gain for their party,” Jerushah Armfield, Graham’s granddaughter, told CNN’s Pamela Brown.  When Brown asked Armfield about her uncle Franklin Graham’s recent tweet heaping praise on Trump, the evangelist’s granddaughter and wife of a pastor in...

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Migrants Who Lie About Being Refugees Can Now Stay in the UK, Court Rules

Albanian criminals who pretended to be Kosovan refugees have been allowed to stay in the UK after a Supreme Court judgement revealed a “loophole in the law”. The migrants’ court victory is expected to cost the taxpayer £1 million and thousands more could now be allowed to stay, even if they have committed serious crimes. Tens of thousands of Kosovans migrated to the UK in the 1990s during the conflict in the Balkans, but thousands of Albanians also came illegally, pretending to be refugees to gain residence and even UK citizenship. Dinjan Hysaj, 40, and Agron Bakijasi, 44, were part...

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