Month: October 2017

Poll: NFL Popularity Nosedives, Steepest Declines Among Republicans

The National Football League, the sport which once held favored nation status nationally, and particularly among Republicans. Has now seen its favorability numbers crash nationally, particularly among Republicans. Fox News released a poll on Thursday, which showed that NFL popularity has tanked 18% since 2013. With the biggest decline in favorability coming from the “Grand Old Party.” One of the key takeaways of the poll, was the not just the steep drop in the NFL’s popularity, but how quickly that popularity evaporated. The poll found that 46% of respondents had a positive view of the league, that’s a bad number. Yet,...

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Fox CEO James Murdoch Blames Bad NFL Ratings on ‘Over Saturation,’ Not Anthem Protests

Fox CEO James Murdoch is worried about the collapsing ratings for pro football, but thinks the drop is due to “over saturation” and not because of the league’s constant protests during the national anthem. Murdoch spoke at the Paley International Council Summit in New York on Thursday and blamed falling ratings on “how they’re licensing” the NFL, according to AdWeek. In particular, Murdoch felt that the large number of games scheduled for Thursdays is too much viewing to ask of fans. “So I do think the proliferation of Thursday availability — and the proliferation of football generally — does mean that you’re...

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BUSTED: Leading CNN Reporter’s Connection To Fusion GPS Uncovered

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft previously reported, right-leaning news outlet, Washington Free Beacon, funded Fusion GPS’s opposition research on 2016 Republican presidential candidates, which included Donald Trump, but did not directly back the now discredited ‘Trump dossier.’ A new report by Chuck Ross and Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller reveals CNN has undisclosed ties to Fusion GPS through reporter Evan Perez and Glenn Simpson. Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson and CNN reporter Even Perez are associates and regularly co-author “news” reports together. CNN has given favorable coverage to Fusion GPS – which is now linked to Hillary Clinton and the...

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Al-Shabaab Islamists Stone Mother-of-Eight to Death in Somalia

Al-Shabaab Islamists in Somalia stoned to death a mother-of-eight for cheating on her husband. The woman reportedly married a second husband and was sentenced to death after her crime. The Independent reported, via Religion of Peace: Somalia’s Islamist group al-Shabaab has publicly stoned a woman to death in a town in the south for cheating on her husband, an official told Reuters. Al Shabaab, which has been waging a war for years to topple the Horn of Africa country’s western-backed government, seeks to bring in rule based on its strict interpretation of sharia law. Sheikh Mohamed Abu Abdalla, al-Shabaab’s governor for...

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US Defense chief ‘cannot imagine’ Washington accepting nuclear North Korea

The US secretary of defense says he “cannot imagine” the US ever accepting North Korea as a nuclear state, and claimed that possessing nuclear arms makes Pyongyang vulnerable rather than more secure. The Pentagon head spoke after a week-long trip to America’s allies in Asia, culminating in a visit to the DMZ, or demilitarized zone, the tense border between South and North Korea. After meeting his counterpart, Song Young-moo, Mattis said Washington would not back down in its pressure on North Korea over its development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. “I cannot imagine a condition under which the United...

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